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Features, Office Users of Microsoft Office can now choose one of the Creative Commons licenses for work created in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft and Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization that offers flexible copyright licenses for creative works, partnered with 3sharp LLC to develop and test this new copyright licensing tool, known as the Creative Commons add-in for Microsoft Office.
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by l3v1 on Thu 22nd Jun 2006 04:30 UTC
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There are only a few comments so far, still, it's clear how little knowledge people have about licenses and ways to license their own works. Also, "why didn't the Open Source alternative think this up first" smells like crap. First, one could always use any license one wanted before now and in the future, CC, GPL, FDL, whatever, just need to place the text in the document or attach it. Second, MS didn't do anything special, just allows a dialog box selection - and a very limited selection - of license use. Maybe that's good in a way, if this makes Windows people look up and understand the different licenses out there. Other than that, this is hardly worth the validation checking hassle.

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