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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris "The first development ISO images of Mandriva Linux 2007 have been released for download and testing. At the time of writing only Mandriva One live CD images for the i586 and x86_64 architectures are available, but expect the usual full (4-CD) installation sets to appear on Mandriva mirrors in a day or two. The new release ships with kernel and includes glibc 2.4, X.Org 7.1, KDE 3.5.3, GNOME 2.15, 2.0.2, Firefox and many other open source software packages." Screenshots.
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Changelog ( what's new under the hood )
by darkmind on Fri 23rd Jun 2006 13:37 UTC
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Here I will briefly summarised the changes which are mostly under the hood :

Changelog :

To sum up :
- kernel 2.6.16
- KDE 3.5.3 + Kopete 0.12
- Gnome 2.15
- Xorg 7.1
- Glibc 2.4
- 2.0.2 ( cd Gnome )
- rpm 4.4.6
- Mozilla Firefox
- Amarok 1.4.1
- xmoto 0.1.16
- CUPS 1.2
- compiz + AIGLX support
- HAL 0.5.7 : since HAL 0.5, the way removable media are handle change ( there's no longer modification of /etc/fstab with fstab-sync which was writing the corresponding entries ). So the KDE ship in this Alpha version can't mount removable media ( USB keys, ... ). However this is fixed in the cooker package with a patch backport from KDE 3.5.4 ( kdebase-3.5.3-8mdv2007.0 )

- XDG menu : debian menu system is no longer used ( except for desktop not supporting XDG menu ). As this is a transition phase, some menu layout may be broken ( especially as not all applications have been ported to XDG menu ).
For more information, please see : and

- new package extension : mdv2007.0 . mdk becomes mdv, and now the distro release for which the package is compiled appears in the extension.

Concerning Mandriva tools, there's some improvements :

- Bluetooth and GPRS support in drakconnect ( for mobile phone )

- printerdrake : use new CUPS 1.2 SNMP TCCP/IP discovery method

-printerdrake : Fax support for HP multifunction devices

Release Notes are here :

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All updated under the hood.But nothing that really makes a difference to my opinion.

Why not a all in one snort-oinkmaster-apache-acidlab like working out of the box IDS integrated in drakconf?
Or lamp working right "Out of the box".Perhaps with some nice looking widgets that display some info about current traffic.

It seems the version numbers increase and the packages are updated.Other than that nothing really shocking occurs.

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lezard Member since:

You're welcome to make suggestions on the wiki.

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