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Windows Paul Thurrot, Microsoft Apple Microsoft supporter, reviews the new Vista build: "Little more than a month after issuing a bug-laden Windows Vista Beta 2, Microsoft has shipped its first post-Beta 2 interim build of the next Windows and it makes up a lot of lost ground. Indeed, it's hard not to view this build and not believe that Microsoft is absolutely back on track." Another reviewer also states that performance has increased since the previous build.
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Microsoft did bad mouth Open Source...

"The magic of open-source software is not the software. It has nothing to do with the code at all. Most open-source code is terribly inferior to commercial software code," Hilf said.

This from an osnews article from a couple of days ago.

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It would be nice for Hilf to define what "most" is and on what basis did he collate his information, in respects to a 'code sample' to come to that conclusion. Did he wonder through freshmeat, grab a whole heap of alpha projects, threw them together and claimed that to be the benchmark of OSS software?

Good gracious; one doesn't need to look far for quality opensource software; Apache, Netbeans, GCC, the GNU userland stack, KDE, Xorg, *BSD's, Azeurus, Firefox, Amarok etc. etc.

I have no worries with this Hilf charactor having a say on opensource software vs. his company, but lets keep to the facts rather than trying to make gross generalisations on this he seems to know *VERY* little about.

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