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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Sun today released Solaris 10 6/06, which provides a host of improvements; most notably, this is the first release to support ZFS. Download it from Sun's Solaris website. A short summary of the new features is also available. Other new features besides ZFS: UDP and TCP/IP improvements, PCI Express support on x86 (including hotplugging), predictive self healing for x64 systems, and much more.
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RE[5]: ZFS
by CaptainFlint on Tue 27th Jun 2006 09:51 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: ZFS"
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haha, I see the irony here. I just hope this isn't as big an issue when Linux goes to GPL v3.

I love using Linux and I love using Solaris. I also like the GPL v2 and I like CDDL. They both have their uses and their place. Sun faced a lot of issues with open sourcing Solaris. CDDL was implemented to get around those issues. This has been discussed to death when Open Solaris was initially released. I have no intention of chewing the proverbial "cud".

I hope there comes a happy meeting point between these operating systems to share code and features. The end users are the real beneficiaries if this happens.

I like using ZFS and other Solaris features. A lot of them are very easy to use and implement. Zones, smf manifests come to mind along with ZFS. There is a learning curve attached to DTrace but it is well worth the effort as the gains are immense.

I like different operating systems mainly because I like to learn. I like to play around with different features and check out the results for myself. That was the spirit behing the Linux wave IMHO. Curiosity and desire to learn about how operating systems work. I hope the FOSS community never forgets this reason.

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RE[6]: GPL3
by jonto on Wed 28th Jun 2006 12:45 in reply to "RE[5]: ZFS"
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I don't think that the Linux kernel will use the GPLv3

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