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Mac OS X Apple has confirmed that Steve Jobs will hold a keynote speech at the WWDC, which will be held from 7th to 11th August. Jobs will unveil the feature set of Apple's answer to Windows Vista, MacOS 10.5, Leopard. Apple fansites have been buzzing with rumors and screenshots (which were fake anyway) about Leopard; the main point of interest seems to be not if, but how Apple will provide support for Windows in Leopard.
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RE[3]: PPC?
by atsureki on Wed 28th Jun 2006 03:37 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: PPC?"
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To be incapable of running specifically on G3s, they'd need to put more AltiVec code in it. Very unlikely, since they're dropping PPC altogether and especially since Rosetta can't do it. And there are some G3s over 1GHz, so I really don't see that they could spec over it, either (and it would probably still work even if official specs said it wouldn't.)

Apple has already stated that 10.5 will run on PPC machines. In fact, I think that may be all that's been said about it officially. I don't know if it was through official channels or not, but it's also been said that this will be the release to reunify the operating system, i.e. no more separate downloads for Intel and PPC subminor updates, and 10.5 will come on the same DVD regardless of your arch. Apple likes to keep development tight, but that's a lot of trouble to go to of they plan to make 10.5 the last PPC MacOS. Just a thought.

Personally, I don't see them dropping PPC on any 10.x. System 6 was m68k only, 7 was m68k and PPC, and 8 was PPC only. I think the same will happen here. 9 was PPC only, 10 is both, 11 will be all Intel. Then maybe OS 13 will run on Intel and Niagara. Who knows? That Jobs is a wild one.

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