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SuSE, openSUSE Yesterday, Novell released a pre-release of its much-anticipated SUSE Enterprise Linux Desktop 10, actually the 3rd release candidate. This release contains all the much-touted stuff such as Xgl and its fancy effects, Beagle integration, and more. Read on for some first impressions.
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quack quack quack
by pjjmartin on Wed 28th Jun 2006 13:59 UTC
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It's an interesting review. It's unfortunate that it isn't practical to test a distribution for a more extended period of time, say 30 days, with extended application usage. All these distro reviews don't discuss what it's like to run applications on. Shading effects, themes, icons, etc. are just window dressing.

And it's "duct tape," not "ducktape." It's not nice to tape down ducks.

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RE: quack quack quack
by nagot on Wed 28th Jun 2006 14:49 in reply to "quack quack quack"
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No, it's duct tape or duck tape. It was originally developed to protect ammunition cases from water.

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RE: quack quack quack
by David on Wed 28th Jun 2006 14:53 in reply to "quack quack quack"
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Actually, "Duck" tape is also correct. The tape that we know as duct tape was originally a waterproof (hence duck) tape to seal boxes. It's actually lousy for sealing ducts.

Duck tape is a trademark, so saying it is like calling petroleum jelly Vaseline.

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