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Linux Linux has one, last, chance to become the No1 OS in a particular consumer-oriented market (not counting servers): the mobile phone market. The open nature and yes, the hype around Linux has made lots of mobile-oriented companies to consider using Linux for their next-generation cellphones. But there is a major problem on the way to success, a problem which is created not by Linux itself, but by the greed and close-mindness of these same companies that endorse Linux.
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RE: rhavyn is on cack
by diskinetic on Thu 29th Jun 2006 21:25 UTC in reply to "rhavyn is on cack"
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I for one would ADORE a mediocre phone that had:

A) Great reception.
B) Infinite (or simply nigh-infinite) battery life
C) A simple, useful ringtone
D) Answering machine functions
E) Is good and cheap, considering it's high-hazard life.

None of these awesome features require an OS, per se.

Instead I see more and more $200 battery hogs that are plagued with dropped signals and play obnoxious hip-hop snippits through a .05 inch piezo and are marketed as high-dollar fashion accessories more than telecommunication devices. I have never, EVER caught anyone "working" on a cell phone. They mostly just talk on them and drive badly doing so.

Sheesh. FORGET an OS, I just want a PHONE!

By the by, the NOKIA 2115i that I use right now is the best phone I have ever seen. If it had better reception, I'd marry it.

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