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Linux Linux has one, last, chance to become the No1 OS in a particular consumer-oriented market (not counting servers): the mobile phone market. The open nature and yes, the hype around Linux has made lots of mobile-oriented companies to consider using Linux for their next-generation cellphones. But there is a major problem on the way to success, a problem which is created not by Linux itself, but by the greed and close-mindness of these same companies that endorse Linux.
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RE[2]: Uh Uh Uh
by Nicram on Thu 29th Jun 2006 21:44 UTC in reply to "RE: Uh Uh Uh"
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Hmmm, but it's wrong, because Linux is not solution. It is realy only the kernel. The platform that you may take, & make something with it. something that will be Your own greate project, but it will not be Linux anymore. It will be only Linux based something. The rest is not Linux, it's POSIX or not POSIX software. That may work on Linux but same on BSD or Windows even. So it's like... Saying that is so bad that Windows 95 drivers don't work on Windows XP kernels Because Windows is not kernel only but solution. It's so... Ahhhh ;)

I really think that problem is not with Linux at all. It's just with vendors, that can't talk about solutions that may make their products more attractive by letting run more software on them. If there is so many corps like Siemens, Motorola, Nokia, Sony, LG etc. etc. Why they can't make together some framework with SDKs. Some APIs that will let them make the software easy for all smartphones? Because they do not want that & because this may show the real prize of the phone that you buy.

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