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Original OSNews Interviews The news that Apple is going to switch to Intel processors shook up the computing world. Many users and developers were eager to publish their opinions on the switch. However, one group of people were totally neglected during all this: resellers. Today, we feature an interview with Wim Schermer, first Dutchman to own a Mac (in 1984), and co-founder of one of the biggest Apple retail stores in The Netherlands, MacSupport. We discuss the switch to Intel, and much more.
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RE[12]: Price
by lrdeclpse on Fri 5th Aug 2005 14:02 UTC in reply to "RE[11]: Price"
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I think I need to find my asbestos underwear, because I'm carrying some gasoline in leaking containers.

We need to come to a couple of real quick understandings here. I am a Mac user. I am an Apple shareholder. I am also a Sun user and shareholder. (Come on at the current price, how can a geek *not* be a Sun shareholder). Now, with Disclaimer firmly in place.

A Mac is not a Whitebox PC as a Lamborghini Countach is not a Mitsubishi Galant. Lamborghini sells what? 10 cars a year? They have less than 1% of the total Car Market. Does your grandmother own a Lambo? Do you think Lambo cares about their position in the automotive food chain? No, because their cars are $150,000 + and they've been around long enough that they used to make farm equipment.

A Mac costs MORE than a Wintel PC. Please, embrace and accept this fact.

A Lambo is wicked fast, uses engine technology that is not broadly available in other makes and is sexy as all hell. Can I rice out my Mitsu to give supercar performance? Sure, look at the Evo. Is it as sexy? No. Is it as fun? In a lot of ways. If you offered me the keys to both and told me I could only have one, which one do you think I'd get into?

The simple fact of the matter is this: A Mac has a price premium in much the same way IBM used to have. An IBM PC almost always cost more than any other PC which at the time DID have the exact same parts.

IBM isn't dead yet, either. Please, get over it.

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