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X11, Window Managers "We are very pleased to announce this release, the first major update to cairo since the original 1.0 release 10 months ago. Compared to cairo 1.0, the 1.2 release doubles the number of supported backends, adding PDF, PostScript & SVG backends to the previous xlib/win32, and image backends."
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by siimo on Sun 2nd Jul 2006 05:16 UTC
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i guess more of this kinda stuff will be possible! :

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RE: woot
by wirespot on Mon 3rd Jul 2006 09:28 in reply to "woot"
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Rotating a page is a bit overkill IMHO, although I'm sure someone, sometime, may have a use for it. But what I'm really interested in is a zoom facility for Firefox comparable with Opera's: fast and smooth.

Currently, Firefox only "zooms" by changing font size, which isn't zoom at all. Well, it depends on how the webmaster designed the page; many of them break when you blow up the fonts even a bit.

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