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OSNews, Generic OSes Smile, you're on candid camera! Apparantly, FreeDOS is anything but dead. "FreeDOS is definitely still very much alive! Moving forward, I'm trying to put the focus on our '1.0' release. What's done is done. Right now, I want to get a '1.0' out there by end of July. We're already pretty stable, so what we have by month end will be '1.0'. I think we can do it." We got owned.
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I love Desktop Pundits
by dusanyu on Sun 2nd Jul 2006 23:57 UTC
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DOS is Still viable off of the desk and is sometimes used in Machine controllers. just becuse you would not chuse a OS for your desktop or server does not nessacarly make it dead.

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RE: I love Desktop Pundits
by Jedd on Mon 3rd Jul 2006 01:00 in reply to "I love Desktop Pundits "
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Yes DOS is still very much alive, especially in machine controllers. There are machines in the woolen mill where a friend of mine works that run on DOS (a few), and most of the others run on embedded Linux.
As far as DOS for a server, that would be kinda interesting. ;)

DOS is by no means a desktop OS (for obvious reasons), but "dead", no, not likely. It's still in WIDE use in other fields. DOS has simply 'stepped-down' from being your main interface, and controlling your toaster, refrigerator, and a truckload of industrial machines.

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