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Windows "Software giant Microsoft has named the day that Windows 98 and Millennium users will no longer have support. On July 11, the two operating systems will have their final breakfast before being wiped from Vole's support brain. Although many expected Microsoft to stop supporting the quaintly antique software, the date for liquidation was uncertain."
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no support for Windows 98
by Resolution on Tue 4th Jul 2006 15:52 UTC
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Why does it feel like I have been hearing this for years? How many levels of "no support" are there?

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More like;
MS: We want you to spend the money and upgrade.
(Time passes, still running 98)
MS: Ok, seriously, time to upgrade,
(Time passes, still running 98)
MS: Right then, if you won't upgrade, we'll reduce support.
(Time passes, still running 98)
MS: Enough's enough! This time we're cutting support, and we MEAN it!
(Still running 98, switching to alternate OS)

Seriously, for me, switching was actually easier than trying to upgrade past 98.
I tweak a lot, and KDE is much easier to make behave like I want than XP's desktop. Plus, even back in Win 3.11, I'd rip out most of the crap that came with Windows and install the software I wanted.
(Difficult with 98, damn near impossible with XP, and I sure don't see Vista getting any better.)

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