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Windows "Software giant Microsoft has named the day that Windows 98 and Millennium users will no longer have support. On July 11, the two operating systems will have their final breakfast before being wiped from Vole's support brain. Although many expected Microsoft to stop supporting the quaintly antique software, the date for liquidation was uncertain."
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RE: Shocking
by iarann on Tue 4th Jul 2006 18:08 UTC in reply to "Shocking"
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Surprised they did not wait until Vista to strong arm those users

Please, name one other OS with support from 8 years ago. They aren't strong arming anyone. Even OS/2 is being dropped by IBM. I can't think of a single linux distro that wouldn't tell you to upgrade as the answer to any problem you have running a linux distro from those days. Even Red Hat, who is going quite strong, is not going to tell you to keep using Red Hat 6.0 over their newest server build. Macintosh doesn't even support stuff from 5 years ago. I know, because I am now a primarily OS X user and theres nothing more annoying then downloading a program to find it was written for OS 9 when you're running an intel Mac.

Sorry, but this is one area where the arguments just aren't making sense. You can't expect them to waste the money and manpower on such a tiny portion of their consumer base at this point. I'm shocked they waited this long, I wouldn't have.

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RE[2]: Shocking
by mario on Tue 4th Jul 2006 21:48 in reply to "RE: Shocking"
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Solaris 7 has been supported for an incredibly long time, and if I recall correctly, the Sun official policy for Solaris support is a 9 year lifecycle - which, apparently, is often exceeded.

I can still download docs for 2.5, for example. Well, I was able to a short while ago, didn't check in a couple of months.

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RE[3]: Shocking
by Sphinx on Wed 5th Jul 2006 18:39 in reply to "RE[2]: Shocking"
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Damn, I was going to point to my SP^RCstation 5 here...

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RE[2]: Shocking
by Sphinx on Wed 5th Jul 2006 18:44 in reply to "RE: Shocking"
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I thought they orphaned them four years ago, still shocked with that big a user base running those and able to cut off that they didn't wait til Vista to do this and drive up the adoption rate. I understand perfectly their desire to ditch support for legacy code, who wouldn't want to.

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