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SGI and IRIX SGI hopes to emerge as a leaner, meaner organisation by the end of the third quarter. The hardware maker this week filed an amended reorganisation plan that calls for it to finish off bankruptcy proceedings by September. If all goes as expected, SGI will trim its total debt down to USD 70m from USD 345m. Some of the debt will be removed in exchange for the privilege of investing more money in SGI 2.0.
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SGI had great hardware and their Irix OS.
Ohh, i would love to see that OS ported to x86/x86_64 hardware.

Irix is one of the most stable OSes i have ever used.

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I can't agree with that, sure they have very good hardware but Irix is painful.

When I was administering Origins, I was much more busy to make them work well than now with another unix brand.

I remember that some daemons like nis were quite unstable, fam was eating all cpu. Those servers required much attention, and needed to reboot every month to keep in good shape.

Also the sales people were very unpleasant.

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SGI had great hardware and their Irix OS.

The key word here is 'had.' Now, it's horribly outdated - the last major release was 6.5 in 1998, and they haven't had a major version number change since the early 1990s.

I realize that numbers aren't everything, but eight years stuck on 6.5.x is a sign that IRIX either reached the pinnacle of operating system technology in the late 90s and there hasn't been anything that could possibly want improvement since then, or that it's been stagnating and has fallen behind the times. A quick comparison of the experience of using my FreeBSD box with my Indigo2 workstation leads me to think it's the latter.

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