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Microsoft Microsoft plans to issue patches for 'critical' Windows and Office security problems as part of a regular update scheduled for Tuesday. The software company said in an advisory Thursday that it will issue four bulletins for Windows flaws and three for Office. At least one Windows and one Office problem are deemed 'critical', Microsoft's highest-risk category for security vulnerabilities, according to the advisory.
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WGA required...
by xiaokj on Fri 7th Jul 2006 14:49 UTC
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And the evil spreads...

I simply love my linux system where none of this nonsense exists. Its really horrid that I still have MS machines on the network to administer... I have people in the house that just won't change. They hubble on even when the Sasser hit... I hope WGA is the last straw for widespread chaos. That is the only thing linux can hope for...

PS: Well, other than Sasser, my MS machines rarely get hit. At least the Avast/Spybot/regular updates + strict sysadmin works. But the amount of workload to tighten security on Wintels only increases with each release. Thank the gods for cloning. I believe thats the only savior for Winsysadmins.

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RE: WGA required...
by monkeyhead on Sat 8th Jul 2006 03:01 in reply to "WGA required..."
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So Microsoft is releasing a 'regular update' with some security fixes...and somehow this relates to your distaste for WGA, even though you use linux and it doesn't affect you.

I'm sure I'm just being dense about making the connection... Maybe I used my Wintel laptop at work for too long today, and need to chill here on my gentoo box for a bit before it makes sense.

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RE[2]: WGA required...
by Rocinante on Sat 8th Jul 2006 04:59 in reply to "RE: WGA required..."
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afaik MS mandates WGA to update now. That could be the connection.

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RE: WGA required...
by Rayz on Sat 8th Jul 2006 08:33 in reply to "WGA required..."
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Mmm ... I think you've made a mistake.

WGA is not required to download any critical fixes.

>> That is the only thing linux can hope for... <<


Oh dear ... :-(

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