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Linux "The first time I have seen the knockd project I liked it instantly. The idea is so simple, and though so effective. Knockd is a port-knocking application that silently runs on a server passively listening to network traffic. Once it will see a port sequence it has an action configured for it, it will run that action. We can see this as a remote control to our server: once we hit the right button it will take the appropriate action!"
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RE: Security through obscurity.
by cookieninja on Fri 7th Jul 2006 16:01 UTC in reply to "Security through obscurity."
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The reason I started using it a while ago was for precisely that, reducing the size of the log files relating to the services I was running. Smaller log files are easier to read and spot trouble.

Problems can occour, however, when you have a large number of people trying to make use of the services hidden behind port knocking. Larger sequences are more secure, but longer sequences are also harder to remember, which means that shorter sequences tend to be prefered.

I think it's great for personal use or use by a small number of people, but not much more than that.

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