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Microsoft Microsoft plans to issue patches for 'critical' Windows and Office security problems as part of a regular update scheduled for Tuesday. The software company said in an advisory Thursday that it will issue four bulletins for Windows flaws and three for Office. At least one Windows and one Office problem are deemed 'critical', Microsoft's highest-risk category for security vulnerabilities, according to the advisory.
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RE: patches
by atsureki on Fri 7th Jul 2006 23:50 UTC in reply to "patches"
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Sitting on a long list of flaws that even they admit are critical for a while and then saying "oh, by the way, *truckload of patches with a WGA chaser*" is a bad thing. It's basically dangling a virus over your computer and saying "install our spyware." Commending someone for making mistakes, regardless of whether they've fixed them, is also a bad thing. To (mis)quote Wicked, "there are none more celebrated than the rehabilitated." How about we stop singing the praises of murderers who find Jesus and software companies that think of security as an incremental reaction and start acknowledging those that are actually, as in reality, good? But noooooo, Microsoft is a saint for patching their own hole and OS X and Linux are worse than Hitler for knowing that their security is better.

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