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Microsoft Microsoft plans to issue patches for 'critical' Windows and Office security problems as part of a regular update scheduled for Tuesday. The software company said in an advisory Thursday that it will issue four bulletins for Windows flaws and three for Office. At least one Windows and one Office problem are deemed 'critical', Microsoft's highest-risk category for security vulnerabilities, according to the advisory.
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Linux isn't free -- unless your time is free. Mine isn't. There's always a cost associated with my time.

It could just be the dentist effect, but knowing my way around both Linux and Windows, the latter seems to take a lot more of my time to set up. Install has to be attended, initial updates sometimes require four or five reboots, I have to track down settings all over the place before the interface is what I would consider even usable, and I have to download extra software by hand with IE for all sorts of basic things, like opening archives and changing more unpleasant UI defaults. On top of that, Windows frequently hits snags where an entire reinstall is necessary. This isn't necessary as often as it used to be or as often as people still think it is, but the complete lack of manual control in Windows makes it inevitable sometimes.

With most modern Linux distros, I can type one line to initiate an automatic update of every package on the system and the addition of whatever other packages I want, and then walk away and watch a movie or have lunch. That is, if it's Gentoo. If it's Debian, maybe go to the bathroom and get a drink of water. And when it's done, only on the conditions that a) there is a new kernel, and b) I want to start using it now, will I ever need to reboot.

Setting up Linux seems like it takes a long time if you're learning how to do it while you do it, but once you learn it, it's very quick. With Windows, no amount of knowledge can speed up the process. The only way to do it is to follow the wizard and then reboot the system every time.

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