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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Recently, I have been pondering why is Firefox so darn popular? This is a question that I honestly ask myself sometimes, often while browsing the web from within the browser itself. The real trick is that there are so many different ways to answer this." More of the editorial here. Additionally, the first set of release candidates for Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 have been posted to the Mozilla FTP of nightly releases.
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Galeon, Epiphany?
by WereCatf on Sun 9th Jul 2006 06:39 UTC
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I didn't notice anyone mentioning Galeon or Epiphany here. Sure, I know one can't run them under Windows, but I like them a lot more than Firefox. Both Opera and Firefox has more features, but neither sits well in my Gnome environment. Besides, Opera is too bloated, and Firefox is buggy. I don't know if it very common, but I have found Firefox to be quite unpredictable, which annoys me like hell. For example, there's an option to set it just download everything on my desktop, but why does it work sometimes, but not all the time? It also has crashed on me occasionally. As for the popylarity..Hmm. My brothers prefer Mozilla and my sister uses Galeon or Epiphany, can't remember which one it was. My girlfriend's brothers then again both use Firefox.

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RE: Galeon, Epiphany?
by eMagius on Sun 9th Jul 2006 15:38 in reply to "Galeon, Epiphany?"
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How is Opera too bloated? It's much smaller and lighter than either of the browsers you mentioned while having much more functionality.

I realize that Opera doesn't necessarily mesh well with Gnome, but bloat isn't the issue.

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RE: Galeon, Epiphany?
by hraq on Mon 10th Jul 2006 07:38 in reply to "Galeon, Epiphany?"
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Both of them are installed on my system but they are not for advanced browsing users, simply they cannot save sessions of a 20 opened tabs. Do you know of any plugins for these browsers and if yes are they stable enough?
That's why not many advanced users mention them, though they are aware of them. Features is the simple answer to your question

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