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SuSE, openSUSE According to APC Magazine: Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 includes the most fully integrated desktop search we've seen on any operating system, which is a crowning achievement for Novell.
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RE[2]: Compared to spotlight?
by unoengborg on Tue 11th Jul 2006 10:27 UTC in reply to "RE: Compared to spotlight?"
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For SLED, the basic question which companies need to ask themselves is whether the cost of migrating to SLED can be matched by an improvement in productivity OR whether a move to Vista could yield similar results and a lower costs.

This is a fair question. To most companies running win2k or XP, the answer would probably be not to upgrade at all. XP and 2k allready contain the functionality they need, perhaps with the exeption of desktop search. A better option to them would be to use some kind of add on product, such as google search to remidy the lack in search capabilities.

Regardless what OS you upgrade to, an upgrade will be costly, not only in the form of licensing of the OS, but also in man hours for installation, testing and perhpaps upgrading of third party and in house developed software, training, new hardware,...

The problem to Novell and even Microsoft is that the things allready installed out there, more than cover the business needs for computing. The naive belief that upgrading to the next version, without any cost/benefit analysis should solve every problem you can think of, that was so common in the age of the IT-bubble is long gone in most companies.

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