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Apple Macintouch has done a hardware quality survey among owners of PowerMac G5s (3000 PowerMacs) regarding hardware quality, support quality, and more. The conclusion: "The Power Mac G5's 17% first-year failure rate remains far higher than the industry average of 5%. If Apple is to maintain its premium pricing, it should provide premium reliability. As things stand, high Power Mac prices must include high warranty service costs built-in. With an overall failure rate of 23%, a quarter of which occur outside of Apple's 1-year warranty, and an average of 1.29 repairs per affected unit implying repeat problems, Power Macs are neither cheap for Apple to service after the sale, nor cheap for buyers. Power comes at a cost." Ok. Run Forrest, run!
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I've got the same make/model: stop, you're making me nervous.

On a related note, this may be a problem with one particular supplier as opposed to a problem with the entire Powermac line. For example, we run Dell Optiplexes at the office. Two particular models (the GX260 and GX270) had particularly horrible failure rates for us. Well over 30%. Turns out that most of the parts effected (the 260 had a bad hard drive, the 270 had bad mobos) were typically from the same 'batch' for a particular supplier. The problematic 260 hard drives were Maxtors from Malaysia if I remember right. but not all the 260s had hard drives from Malaysia. We just happened to get a high concentration of effected units. So I'm not entirely pissed at Dell for this (they've been real champs about replacement parts), just at their supplier for skimping on the quality control.

This could be the same issue at hand here. I'm not defending Apple (or bashing dell for that matter), just trying to put a perspective on this. It could just be an issue of really bad QC at one particular supplier and not an indictment of the entire powermac line. Just a thought.

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I agree, but I also disagree. You pay a pretty hefty premium on PowerMacs, you should get premium parts and premium QC that makes sure this kind of stuff doesn't happen.

I don't order Apples at high prices -being told they're better in every way including hardware quality- to recieve a unit that contains the same crappy Maxtor hard drives, the same crappy Foxconn motherboard parts, the same crappy cabling and the same crappy RAM that I can get in a Dell precision that costs the same, has comparable or better performance, has a better video card, a better warranty, more RAM and more disk space, can upgrade to a better than onboard audio card among many other things for the same price as a base 2ghz PowerMac.

I'd *gladly* pay the Apple premium for real support, real QC and really good quality hardware as well as OS X...but we just don't get this. I'm eager to see the Intel PowerMacs, just to see how comparable they really are.

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