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SkyOS A set of major changes in SkyOS is now complete. The entire GUI subsystem was rewritten to support desktop composing including flicker free drawing, double buffering, full alpha transparency, plugable composing effects, etc. Secondly, PE support has been dropped completely, and all libraries, applications, drivers, and the kernel are now ELF binaries. Thirdly, everything is now compiled with GCC 4.1.1 and the latest binutils. And last, but personally definitely not least: SkyOS now has support for BeOS people files. Other than the above, a lot of bugs were fixed as well.
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RE[2]: zealots are always wrong...
by soapdog on Wed 12th Jul 2006 04:27 UTC in reply to "RE: zealots are always wrong..."
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Hi mike, thanks for the input. What I am thinking for example is that Windows Mobile is horrible (I have an iPaq so I can tell), Palm OS is pretty much dead so there's an oportunity for some enterprizing coder to try to build something on that market, or a group of coders (most likelly). I know about Linux kernel versions and some distros targeted at PDA but it seems overkill and like shrunked to the tiny screen and pen...

I don't know how realistic would be to try that, but I for one, would certainly erase my windows mobile for something usable.

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@ soapdog

i'm not really sure where this new Palm/WinMobile topic is coming from.

Are you seriously considering starting this project yourself in the hopes of making a living off of it?

I think your view of what "Linux" is is a little bit small. Linux is just a kernel. If you're concerned about a "shrunken" UI, it would be far easier to start with the kernel and build a new UI or adapt an existing UI than to write the whole system from scratch.

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