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Apple PCMag reviews iWork '06. "For word processing, the Apple iWork '06 Pages program is no match for Microsoft Word or ThinkFree Office 3.0. But it's capable, and its ability to create gorgeous documents easily is unequaled on the Mac." My take: I concur. iWork is the best tool for the job when you need to create a document you yourself will distribute physically; however, since iWork uses a closed file format only iWork users can read, distributing it electronically is fairly useless.
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by trezzer on Thu 13th Jul 2006 14:12 UTC
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I've written a full dissertation in Pages, and thanks to its powerful features I've had no problem at all with the specific layout that is required to meet academic standards. Just like Word you can apply styles, auto-switch between them based on context, you get word services using the OS-wide services menu (statistics, summary etc) and unlike Word it elegantly and easily handles a document this size - including an actually working and flexible TOC generator.

The only gripe I've had was opening a Pages document in Pages 2 - there was one minor thing that didn't look exactly like it should (an indentation), but it was easily fixable.

If you have some serious word processing to do (serious being large scale), I'd wholeheartedly recommend Pages over Word.

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