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Apple Not too long ago, I sold my iBook, right after the new MacBook was announced. I planned to buy that same MacBook somewhere this summer; however, I started to doubt. I had second thoughts. Let me explain why I decided to not buy a new Mac, but instead opt for a used G4 PowerMac. Note: After being absent for a week, here is another Sunday Eve Column.
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RE: My reasons for not buying an Intel
by uteck on Sun 16th Jul 2006 05:45 UTC
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Dell does not outsource to India anymore. They got a lot of bad press over the decision and they moved it back to Texas and Oklahoma. My last job had me calling Dell support a lot and they were all Americans, and I personally know one person on the gold support team.

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I think they moved some of their support back to the US, but not all. If you call for consumer level desktop support, I think it's still India. But if you're calling for enterprise level support (servers, etc.) you'll go through the US. At least it sounded that way when I was calling for support on a poweredge, but ended up talking to a desktop person first.

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