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Apple Not too long ago, I sold my iBook, right after the new MacBook was announced. I planned to buy that same MacBook somewhere this summer; however, I started to doubt. I had second thoughts. Let me explain why I decided to not buy a new Mac, but instead opt for a used G4 PowerMac. Note: After being absent for a week, here is another Sunday Eve Column.
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RE: why i don't recommend apple
by pyramiao on Sun 16th Jul 2006 14:53 UTC in reply to "why i don't recommend apple"
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I really hope you didn't connect that PC power supply to your motherboard, not sure how you could I thought that was impossible since the connectors were different (24 pins versus 20 pins on ATX), otherwise you have probably destroyed your motherboard.
Personally I do wish that Apple used standard parts (or at least the PC pin outs) for the powersupplies since at least we could do what you tried to do (to get the data off).

Edited since it should have been 24 pins for the mirror door macs rather than 22.

Edited 2006-07-16 15:09

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ATX power supplies come with 20 or 24 pins, and if your supply doesn't match your mobo, you can get a simple adapter. That doesn't necessarily mean that Apple's motherboards can use ATX power supplies, but the problem is not the number of pins.

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Then there is the blood obvious; how many vendors make power supplies that fit into the iMac form factor.

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