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.NET (dotGNU too) Jeff Cogswell writes: "I'm about to make a confession. Even though I've written several books and articles about C++, I have a secret: C++ isn't my favorite language. I have lots of languages that I use, each one for different purposes. But the language I consider my all-time favorite is Python."
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My experience with Python
by JacobMunoz on Sun 16th Jul 2006 21:44 UTC
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I've just recently started using this language at my job (can't be specific), but I've had a somewhat interesting history with Python...

I used to work for a company that held meetings for Python back in '99/2000 and had heard Guido's name mentioned often. There were some contractual issues going on between our company and the Python group at the time that I didn't know the details of, but I can only assume Guido was getting the bad end of the deal. I had seen very little actual Python code at the time, and the whole >>>/... prompt deeply confused me. This was fairly early in Python's history.

Now I've recently used Eclipse with pydev plugins, and I have to say that Python (not IronPython) has finally come up with a contender to Java and .net. I've only lightly worked with IronPython, because although I do like - I believe Python to be another framework altogether, and it should stay that way. I've been trying to get mono working on a mac for almost six months, but after I got python with wxWidgets working - I've lost my attention to mono-on-osx. Python's portable, fast, easy to debug, and really reads like an advanced form of objective Basic.

I've grown to really like Python - although I did hate it at first. Significant whitespace was quite a hurdle at first, but just setting tab-options fixes the problem quickly in a good editor. I didn't understand the "default-loading of modules decalred after values" for some time, those that know what I'm talking about can understand. But now that I've got a decent editor, and wxPython gui dingies installed, I don't know that I'd like IronPython since it wouldn't work on platforms other than Win. I do enjoy the .net framework, but I only use them for c# and VB so invading my perception of Python would be detramental.


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