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Apple Not too long ago, I sold my iBook, right after the new MacBook was announced. I planned to buy that same MacBook somewhere this summer; however, I started to doubt. I had second thoughts. Let me explain why I decided to not buy a new Mac, but instead opt for a used G4 PowerMac. Note: After being absent for a week, here is another Sunday Eve Column.
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RE[5]: Boring...
by somebody on Sun 16th Jul 2006 21:46 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Boring..."
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Let me put it like this: If you can't produce high quality output in these applications, the applications aren't the limit.

And in the end I would always end up in Ardour (on which ever platform I work on my music, but I preffer my Agnula based computer for that purpose), your point would be?

I don't play with movies, so I can't say where would I end up, but as far as I know my self it wouldn't be one of those or any app that is bounded to any platform (and I preffer to use OSS apps). So, which one do you guess I would pick?

Don't think I didn't understand, you just put it badly.
Every OS has its own apps, problem is wheter user will move or not, searching for exact app (which you used on some other OS) usualy ends up with dissapointment and loss of variety.

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