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Linspire Kevin Carmony of Linspire/Freespire has announced that the first beta of Freespire has been released earlier than anticipated. Get it from the download page. According to Carmony, this release includes out-of-the-box support for proprietary formats such as .mp3 and WMV, plug-and-play support for Ati and nVIDIA cards without user intervention, Click-N-Run, and much more.
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RE: repost - sorry
by Kevin_Carmony on Mon 17th Jul 2006 09:15 UTC in reply to "repost - sorry "
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The number of votes is clearly displayed next to each Linspire Letter listed on the link I used in my post.


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RE[2]: repost - sorry
by deanlinkous on Mon 17th Jul 2006 09:32 in reply to "RE: repost - sorry "
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458 responded to that poll which is pretty far from a half a million and either way doesnt reflect on what I was sayingor what you were saying.

As stated earlier, I dont think you are wrong about a lot of users just wanting a "hybrid os" but that poll in no way reflects....well anything really. Put it in the new york times and see what response you get then I will glady concede you reached a fair test group.

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RE[3]: repost - sorry
by abdavidson on Mon 17th Jul 2006 09:39 in reply to "RE[2]: repost - sorry "
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Why on earth are you against more choices?

You're nitpicking about a vote not being fair or representative or something as if that actually matters.

What you are in effect arguing is that Open Source or Free Software is about choice. Choice to choose the option given to you and no other.

Otherwise why are you kicking up such a stink about this?

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RE[3]: repost - sorry
by Kevin_Carmony on Mon 17th Jul 2006 09:52 in reply to "RE[2]: repost - sorry "
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So you give a speech to an audience of hundreds of thousands, and after your speech, 458 people take the time to come up to you and say hi afterwards. 431 (94%) of those people said, "Wow, great talk. I really liked what you had to say!," you'd think to yourself, "Yea, but I bet everyone else hated it." ;-)

I think we all got your point. You think 458 does not a sample make. Got it.


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