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Morphos The latest article in our OSNews OS contest: Learn about MorphOS, the heir to the Amiga legacy. This article chronicles its bumpy history, its still-compelling features, and the current state of MorphOS development.
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Enhanced AmigaOS ? Not exactly.
by elwood on Mon 17th Jul 2006 16:11 UTC
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MOS is an enhanced AmigaOS 3.x.
Considering the fact that the last AmigaOS is AmigaOS 4.0, "enhanced AmigaOS" is not precise enough.

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XraalE Member since:

Elwood, it's now 2006 and we now know a lot that was unclear back in the days where there was so much strife between MorphOS and OS4 supporters. How can you still believe this kind of old myth?

MOS is *not* just an enhanced AmigaOS 3.x. It is as far beyond OS 3.x is 3.x was beyond old orange and yellow Workbench 1.3. It was totally reimplemented using OS3 as a template, but its features and APIs are very much expanded. Your comment is about as fair as, "Well, OS4 is just OS3.9 on an AmigaONE", or "Windows XP is just Win98 with skins."

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winxp is more like win2k with skins...

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>"Well, OS4 is just OS3.9 on an AmigaONE", or "Windows XP is just Win98 with skins."

While I can't comment on MOS, but I certainly can assure you guys AmigaOS4 is not OS3.x with some gimmicks (skins etc.). I, however, doubt, that MOS delivers anything beyond AmigaOS4, maybe in a different way (if you want to count Ambient and MUI4 + some api extension, and I don't know what it adds to the (amigaos)kernel below).
AmigaOS4 has changed dramatically (new kernel, new intution, new graphics, usb/tcp/>4GB files, etc) - well, mostly under the hood, though. But the comment "MOS extends AmigaOS" can only be true for it's base, the AmigaOS33.1.

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You are wrong, MorphOS isn't "enhanced AmigaOS" at all, it's another OS which was first developed for PPC Amigas which is almost like AmigaOS and owns it.

It would also be the most intresting alternative os if it was open source and had more developers behind it.

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It's cool arguing semantics ain't it... you happen to know that a stage and time MorphOS WAS to be AmigaOS 4, and there are many things that actually make it an 'enhaced AmigaOS', it's just that you wouldn't know what they were even if they bite you... :roll:

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