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Microsoft Microsoft's effort to provide a little privacy for Windows users has instead turned into a very public black eye. There was a near-immediate outcry saying that, without proper safeguards, what was intended as a benefit could turn into a big headache for businesses. The software could make it harder for companies to meet compliance regulations as well as to handle users who forget their password, critics said.
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by elzurawka on Tue 18th Jul 2006 16:06 UTC
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Encryption is not nessissarly needed. On a linux system, using permisssions, you can set it up such that no one else has any access to edit, or view your files or their contents. Sure if they have physical acecess to the drive, they could steal it and then mount it and get the date. But we all know there i no perfect encryption, so if they steal it, they will eventually get at your Data anyway. There is no real reason for a need to encrypt your files, unless they are being moves offsite. While they are on a cental server, there should be no need to encrypt anything that is not classified a Confidential, and then there are programs that can be used to do this is. Encryption is good, but if its over used, then it becomes bad.

Like i said, as long as you have permissions on folder, there should not be a need for encryption for the average corporate user, only for things that are taken off site.

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RE: Encryption?
by bedo on Tue 18th Jul 2006 16:59 in reply to "Encryption?"
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not totally true; administrators can access your files, regardless of your permissions set. and sometimes you don't want anyone to access your files. like future products or road maps; which you don't want adminitstrator who may leave the company the next day to access it.

your remarks about "there's no perfect encryption" are not true. If you use modern encryption algorithms, no one can break it.

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