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RE: Morphos for other?
by Raffaele on Tue 18th Jul 2006 22:44 UTC in reply to "Morphos for other?"
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Csynt wrote:

>it would be nice if Morphos could be licensed for other PPC platforms like mac...

Actually is not possible. However I bet that if Apple could provide detailed informations about their firmware, perhaps one day it will be possible.

But I want to remind you that you could run MorphOS only on recent machines with PPC that are no longer manufactured.

MorphOS has sure enough horsepower and it is so lightweight that sure could re-vitalize recent PPC Macs and let them to be used for years and years, but it could not run on new MacIntels.

This is due to the fact that Macintels does not run PPC code but X86 code and MorphOS is all based on PPC code.

In the meantime you can run Mac OS thru emulation on Pegasos II machines together with Linux distros and MorphOS and multiboot all of these OSes at your wish.

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