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Amiga & AROS "In a previous item, we described how the AmigaOS4.0 memory system works in terms of managing memory allocations from the top. However, there is more to allocating memory than that. The object caches of course work on memory that has already been mapped into the virtual memory space. But both the virtual address ranges, as well as the physical memory has to come from a source, too."
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RE: Will it ever arrive?
by Raffaele on Wed 19th Jul 2006 19:39 UTC in reply to "Will it ever arrive?"
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@ Bit_Rapist

I'm an old school amiga fan but at this point AOS4 feels like bigger vaporware than Windows Vista.

I guess at some point it will ship or they'll rename it copland. ;)

Well, AmigaOS is available for those who bought the hardware when it was in shops.

No vaporware at all, just available only for those who purchased the hardware when available.

If you hadn't been so strong Amiga fan ("old school" means only you are simply a nostalgic) with enough guts to bought an AmigaONE when it was in shops then you have no excuses for you are not in the number of eliteists.

Sorry pal.

P.S. Better luck when new middle cost Amiga hardware motherboards will be available from Poland (PowerVixxen) and Italy (simply low cost hardware project).

Try it again.

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RE[2]: Will it ever arrive?
by trezzer on Thu 20th Jul 2006 11:35 in reply to "RE: Will it ever arrive?"
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You seem to be confusing projects, Raffaele.

PowerVixxen is a Canadian project. Maybe you're thinking of the elusive Polish Shark project from Elbox.

Besides that an elitist attitude never helped any platform gain new users or raise interest in it.

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