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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Canonical's Ubuntu 6.06 LTS is an excellent Linux-based operating system - so excellent, in fact, that it not only earned eWEEK Labs' Analyst's Choice designation but has also become our clear favorite among Linux desktop distributions. This latest Ubuntu release, which became available in June, has won our ardor with a tight focus on desktop usability; an extremely active, helpful and organized user community; and a software installation and management framework that's unsurpassed on any OS platform."
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by ThawkTH on Wed 19th Jul 2006 22:24 UTC in reply to "RE: ..."
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Does EasyUbuntu work with Dapper and ATI drivers? I hear great things about the Nvidia drivers, but the ATI drivers have always been a bit of a nightmore.

...Dapper, however, has been the worst experience yet. I don't know why. Maybe it's a kernel issue, maybe it's an issue with the version of the drivers in the repo - all I know is if you install fglrx with apt, the drivers simply will not work (accelerated OpenGL for example).

I've been a big fan of (k)Ubuntu for three years now (active user since Warty), and I've used the ATI drivers throughout. It's never been simple, and I understand that ATI's drivers have earned the scorn and ridicule of FOSS users and developers for many years now...

I must say though that most Dapper users with ATI cards I've encountered simply cannot get the drivers to work (myself among them). Whether I used the repo versions, download the installer and run it, tell the installer to create dapper packages, etc - they simply don't work. I've edited several of my config files, manually played with kernel modules...I can't even remember everything posted in the forums on the issue.

XGL is touted by so many - ATI users on a clean install of dapper though simply can't get a glimpse. It's made me angry at Dapper as a whole. I know it's unfair to judge a distro by a single problem that's not even completely in Ubuntu's hands...But to any other distros have such a problem? Lots of users have ATI cards, and while the drivers are optional, XGL is changing that.

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by leech on Wed 19th Jul 2006 23:10 in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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I have only ever once installed Ubuntu on an laptop with an ATI chipset. It worked flawlessly (this was Breezy). Maybe it's just because I'm an old die-hard from Debian, but Ubuntu was just dead easy. All my other systems have nvidia cards in them, with a good reason.

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by JMcCarthy on Wed 19th Jul 2006 23:48 in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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I recently scored an X800XT you wouldn't believe all the stuff I've tried to get Xgl working ;) All with no success. First it was Xgl complaining of an unrecognized option (vt7), then I eventually narrowed it down to Xgl just sitting there with a busy cursor and then eventually crashing.

I managed to get it semi-working with an old copy of Xgl in Ubuntu's repositories, but it's amazingly slow & when compiz is started the screen goes completely white and it complains of not being able to bind a texture.

I'd like to able to run the latest CVS.

when I had my 6600GT everything worked flawlessly.

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by augur on Thu 20th Jul 2006 09:14 in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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"(...)if you install fglrx with apt, the drivers simply will not work (accelerated OpenGL for example). "

I never had problems installing the ATI drivers in Ubuntu with apt. However I read somewhere (sorry I don't have the link at hand) that it might be necessary to create a symlink in order to get accelerated OpenGL:

"sudo ln -s /usr/lib/dri /usr/lib/xorg/modules/dri".

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