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OSNews, Generic OSes Plan 9 is an operating system designed by the same people who created the original UNIX. Its development began in the late 1980's and it was a research project intended to address a variety of system scalability issues that the UNIX and LINUX kernels don't do particularly well, namely, distributed computing, distributed name spaces, and distributed file systems. Plan 9 is open source and its current and fourth major release was in 2002. It is available as an install or LiveCD and it can be downloaded here. Note: This is an entry to our Alternative OS Contest.
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Distributing resources
by nii_ on Thu 20th Jul 2006 01:28 UTC
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Just wondering about Plan 9's implementation.

Regarding the distributed resources, for example, importing the /dev/audio of another computer, if this is already in use (opened by another application), then would the two sound channels be correctly combined if written to?

For example, can multiple applications across multiple computers open and write to the /dev/audio of one machine simulatanuously without distortion and errors, or can only one application be writing to it at any one time ? (Is it blocking or non-blocking on further applications trying to open the /dev/audio)?.

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