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RISC OS Castle director and Tematic boss Peter Wild has said RISC OS must become open source to compete in modern markets. ""Make [RISC OS] open source and encourage users to contribute to it, use it and drive its ongoing development. This is the only scenario I can see in which the solution might prosper short of someone investing a few million quid to fund further development."
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Open Source
by Andre Siegel on Thu 20th Jul 2006 17:41 UTC
Andre Siegel
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It is frequently mandated by telcos and service providers in their specifications for STBs [that the operating system] is open source and the Telco will have access to a system it can work with an modify independently of the hardware manufacturer. In emerging markets without clearly defined standards this is considered essential for future proofing.

If telcos and service providers need to be able to modify the operating system, you can always offer them sourcecode access on a case by case basis. There is absolutely no need to make the whole operating system open source. Customer specifications should not always be taken literally. It is important to ask for the motive behind each specification and understand what the customer wants to achieve.

Of course, if your operating system is offering absolutely no real-world advantage compared to free open source solutions, your best shot is to go open source too and pray for a miracle... But I would think RISC OS is actually better than that. With no private equity available, that probably does not matter however.

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