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Privacy, Security, Encryption A new report from Symantec security researchers contends that Microsoft's much-awaited Vista operating system could harbor a range of vulnerabilities that will make it less secure than previous iterations of Windows. According to research published July 18 by Symantec, a number of Vista's software components, specifically a handful of protocols related to its redesigned networking technologies, could become security loopholes if Microsoft does not fix the problems or ensure that the product is configured appropriately to hide the glitches when it is shipped.
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Ugggh u all are dumb....
by cchance on Thu 20th Jul 2006 19:31 UTC
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Yes he said quality quality quality and thats what he meant... the fact is symantec just wants to be in the news and try to make the stockholders feel happy that "theres still a place for us in a vista world"

There are know known bugs in the code ... and the fact is you all are a bunch of double talkers... first if microsoft builds on top of code to improve it... such as with the kernel from 2000->2003->vista people say they are building on buggy software and just trying to pass on old code... blah blah ms bash ms bash...... and now that they said you know what our network code isnt good enough and scrapped it to make it faster and more suited for todays networks they get flamed that its "new insecure code" ... the fact is theirs no proof its insecure.. symantec has not shown 1 way that its insecure they are talking out of their a$$es.

Nex6 i have to back u up on the fact that windows is secureable ... i also run a fairly large network... about 450 xp machines and 10-12 2003 servers... we are upgrading them all to vista when it comes out as well as several of our servers are getting the GUIless version of longhorn server to more streamline the file hosting they do...

The reason for the upgrade to vista is... while XP is very secure if handled right, new features and memory protection as well as the huge slew of under the hood changes that made vista much better... that no one really takes note of... thats the reason to upgrade to vista... its funny all the "Tech Guru's" *ha* that hang on osnews keep saying why do i want vista just for a new glassy theme... the fact is that shows how uninformed they are... they dont pay attention to the giant leaps in security done under the hood ... and the fact that network is indeed 10-25% better performing on vista (sometimes ... there are still some companys with driver problems but many are seeing these kind of gains) i'm just sick of companys and lame kiddies trying to bash microsoft for no apparent reason.

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RE: Ugggh u all are dumb....
by cyclops on Thu 20th Jul 2006 20:10 in reply to "Ugggh u all are dumb...."
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First thing just becuase its a pet hate we are talking about Vista not Microsoft.

If we were talking just of Microsoft I would say companies like Symantec only exist becuase Microsoft produces insecure code. Its why there is a billion pound industry to *fix* windows.

You talk of double talk. When in reality its you with the double talk, built on old code more secure, becuase bugs fixed. Total new code to get rid of the old code.

What will have happened, is some code will be replaced, some rewritten, some will stay the same. Hopefully for those who move to Vista these will be beneficial.

The reality is Vista is a closed source appliation its impossible for you to know what has changed under the hood, or even if that code is more secure.

The truth is lots and lots of code, bound to be security holes all over the place, and the malware industy is just too profitable.

...but most importantly Symantic is not under any circumstances trying to protect itself from "Vista world"(sic) its saying its still needed in a world where Microsoft is trying to enforce its Monopoly on the billion pound industry of third party products used to protect the windows user.

Oh I modded you down for lame kiddies, I'm just too old to called that as an insult.

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RE[2]: Ugggh u all are dumb....
by tomcat on Thu 20th Jul 2006 23:10 in reply to "RE: Ugggh u all are dumb...."
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The reality is Vista is a closed source appliation its impossible for you to know what has changed under the hood, or even if that code is more secure.

Wrong. Vista will be tested over the next several years. You will know whether it's secure or not -- regardless of whether you see the code or not.

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