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AMD AMD, the No. 2 supplier of computer processors, is close to a deal to buy graphics chip maker ATI for USD 5.5 billion, a source familiar with the situation said on Friday. Any such deal would shake up the processor industry, which is witnessing a battle over market share between AMD and rival Intel.
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benefits and drawbacks
by jimmystewpot on Sun 23rd Jul 2006 13:40 UTC
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There are some interesting issues here that will be interesting to watch play out. ATI is by far the biggest leader in Mobile graphics chipsets, they have been a long time leader in providing a low power high quality chipset for notebooks/laptops etc. AMD could really gain from bringing that company on board to learn and gain the experience and market place that ATI have in the mobile community. I think that is one of the major areas where Intel has absolute dominance, even with the introduction of the Turion etc by AMD its still maybe 5% of the market and I think that could even be an exageration. I personally use Turion X2 chips in my home computers and love them, but i struggle to find any decent laptops or notebook computers that run them. When I recently looked to purchase a new notebook, i struggled to find many systems, often the AMD based desktops would have smaller battery life not because the chips are more power hungry but because the batteries that the vendors are supplying in those systems have fewer cells etc than the direct competiting model with an intel processor. In some cases I found that the batteries could be swapped between the intel and amd models to improve the battery life of the system, That is what I ended up doing for my new system. Battery life is now 30% longer than it was with the standard version.

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