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QNX In today's entry in our Alternative OS Contest, James Ingraham takes a close look at QNX, the operating system based on the Neutrino microkernel. He concludes that "While you can probably find solutions for just about all of your desktop computing needs using the QNX RTOS, that is not QNX's strong suit. Its focus is real-time, embedded, and mission critical applications." Read on for the whole article.
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Just to tell from experience...
by Kochise on Mon 24th Jul 2006 12:42 UTC
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PhAB (Photon Application Builder) is quite nice, but offers you only the ability to make VB-like apps. If you want to code stuff in OpenGL, you MUST first get their OpenGL TDK (Technology Development Kit) which includes the libraries and headers (1500$), and for every kind of stuff (networking for instance), another 1500$ TDK is required.

You cannot play MPG or AVI (DivX) files, because they removed all their codecs from 6.2 to put them in another TDK for QNX 6.3.

QNX is nice looking (Photon), Neutrino is pretty stable, but as a desktop OS, QNX just worth nothing but the CD you have etched it on...


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Note that QNX has no "VB-like" language or environment; PhAB is a user-interface builder, and you develop using C/C++.

And yes, QNX isn't intended for typical desktop use.

- chrish @ QNX

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"And yes, QNX isn't intended for typical desktop use"

I not said VB-like language, I said VB-like looking UI ;) That's pretty a difference, because the power of QNX cannot be compared to what can offer VB in this range of application ;)

And it's sad QNX, with such a well organized and ergonomic shell cannot be used as a desktop OS...


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