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QNX In today's entry in our Alternative OS Contest, James Ingraham takes a close look at QNX, the operating system based on the Neutrino microkernel. He concludes that "While you can probably find solutions for just about all of your desktop computing needs using the QNX RTOS, that is not QNX's strong suit. Its focus is real-time, embedded, and mission critical applications." Read on for the whole article.
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RE[3]: Ahhh the memories
by chrish on Tue 25th Jul 2006 08:40 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Ahhh the memories"
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qcc is just a front-end that calls gcc... it makes it easier to support builds for multiple architectures, but it's hardly required to make QNX applications.

- chrish @ QNX

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RE[4]: Ahhh the memories
by ingraham on Tue 25th Jul 2006 15:10 in reply to "RE[3]: Ahhh the memories"
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ChrisH: "qcc... [is not] required to make QNX applications."

Hate to break it to you Chris, but it is not possible to use GCC directly to compile anything more complicated than "Hello, World!" I know because I tried to build the Boost++ libraries using qcc. It didn't work, so I tried gcc directly, and that was even worse. I called tech support to ask about it; they said that using gcc directly was impossible. Well, not impossible, just impractical to the point of going-over-Niagra-falls-in-a-barrel-and-surviving.

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