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AMD "The release of AMD's AM2 platform has left many consumers with mixed feelings. While some are looking forward to the progression of AMD's Athlon 64 line, there is much more to the platform than a new socket. Experts have repeatedly told us that the expected performance boost of moving to AM2 (from socket 939) will be limited and this new platform has largely been overshadowed by the upcoming arrival of Intel's Conroe (Core 2 Duo), but after the success of socket 939, AM2 definitely warrants a review."
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by MamiyaOtaru on Tue 25th Jul 2006 21:52 UTC
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AM2 is basically useless with Core 2 out. For years I assumed my next CPU would be an AMD (like my last one) but it doesn't look like it anymore. Core 2 simply rules. Add to this AMDs upcoming purchase of ATI. Aside from my dislike of ATI for their relatively bad Linux presence, one has to wonder where that will leave nForce, which is what I'd like to use for a mobo.

Hopefully AMD can do something great with k8l, something more than incremental. k10 is too far out, and we need continuing competition to keep Intel from feeling comfortable and sitting still like they did for so long with netburst.

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RE: meh
by jimmystewpot on Wed 26th Jul 2006 03:15 in reply to "meh"
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With AMD expecting to move the AM2 to 65nm process technology in the next few months the performance gains of the Intel processors should be non existant, especially if AMD do what many analysts expect with the upgrading of the Cache and a few other tweaks in the same process. Right now is not the time to buy a CPU from any producer simply because the market is really in a hung position waiting for all the transitions to occur and prices to stabilise.

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