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Mac OS X With the latest update to the ADC Reference Library, Apple has deprecated the entire Foundation and Application Kits for Java. Previously, it was stated that the Java-Cocoa bridge was still valid for learning purposes.
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About time!
by Phuqker on Wed 26th Jul 2006 18:22 UTC
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I could never understand why someone would want to write Cocoa in Java. The disjoint between them is enormous. Cocoa is Objective C. The language and its capabilities pervade the entire framework.

I tried to write a Cocoa app in Java, but it was like trying to saw a coconut in half with a butter knife.

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RE: About time!
by Tuishimi on Wed 26th Jul 2006 18:57 in reply to "About time!"
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Great imagery. ;) Bonus points for using the word "coconut".

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