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Mac OS X With the latest update to the ADC Reference Library, Apple has deprecated the entire Foundation and Application Kits for Java. Previously, it was stated that the Java-Cocoa bridge was still valid for learning purposes.
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Hey, maybe they'll do the smart thing...
by IkeKrull on Wed 26th Jul 2006 19:50 UTC
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And have people write their desktop apps in Mono instead...

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JonPryor Member since:

Well, there is Cocoa#, a binding of Cocoa for use with Mono:

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ahmetaa Member since:

you wish.. Apple backs Java big time, Java 6 for Mac (Intel ones..) will posiblly be released simultaneously with other OS'es..

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IkeKrull Member since:

That was a joke. omg, does anybody seriously think that would be the 'smart' thing to do?

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