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SkyOS SkyOS Beta 8.5 has just been released. New features include the Indexing Service, an SQL based file attribute and content index service which makes it possible to find your files in a fraction of a second, better developer support, and a lot of bug fixes. NVU has also been ported and is available in this release. You can read the changelog here. Update: Screenshots gallery by OSDir.
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RE[2]: hmm
by Anonymous Penguin on Sun 7th Aug 2005 08:20 UTC in reply to "RE: hmm"
Anonymous Penguin
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Apropos new toys: darn, your nick is better than mine, LOL!

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RE[3]: hmm
by bornagainenguin on Mon 8th Aug 2005 07:19 in reply to "RE[2]: hmm"
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>>darn, your nick is better than mine, LOL!

Glad you like it, it took me a while to consider just what I'd like in a new name--one that reflects my current feelings with computers and operating systems...bornagainpenguin was I felt highly appropriate given my old username was iWindoze (something intended to play off the whole iMac and 'lets make windows look like a Mac craze that hit a few years back and originally based on the old Windowblinds skin 'iWin' does anyone even remember that one? but recently I've had people in the Linux community not take me seriously about tryingwanting to move to Linux full time and a name change was appropriate, and this one most appropriate of all...)

unfortunately my 'new' (used) laptop has a few sticky keys and I ended up mistyping my user name....d'ya think there might be a way some how to get the mods to allow me to fix it?

[looks at mods] Hint...hint...Please?

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RE[4]: hmm
by Anonymous Penguin on Mon 8th Aug 2005 07:37 in reply to "RE[3]: hmm"
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Nice story. My nick was at first FedupPenguin at Distrowatch, I used it when I was annoyed about something. But it wasn't a nick I could keep using forever, so I went for the present one.
Some people say: you are anonymous.
I reply: darn, I am not anonymous, "Anonymous Penguin" is my chosen nickname!
I am also much better known under another nick, but here and at DistroWatch I just wanted to be an Anonymous Penguin, one among many others.
As to the typo, try to get in touch with them, "Contact Us", top left of the page.

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