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Linux Greg Kroah-Hartman has put the slides and a transcript to his keynote at OLS online. The title speaks volumes: "Myths, Lies, and Truths about the Linux kernel". He starts off: "I'm going to discuss the a number of different lies that people always say about the kernel and try to debunk them; go over a few truths that aren't commonly known, and discuss some myths that I hear repeated a lot."
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RE: driver support
by christian on Thu 27th Jul 2006 09:58 UTC in reply to "driver support"
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Even if you accept the assertion that Linux supports (and I use the word support here loosely) more devices you must admit that it does not support more current devices than Windows. And if you count all the devices that Windows has ever supported, then it would clearly be the winner.

Two points. Windows doesn't support the device, the vendor's driver supports the device. Windows just provides the framework for the driver to provide support. The same is true of Linux.

Second, I know for a fact that Windows doesn't, and never has, supported any of my SBUS devices for my SPARCstation 20:)

For the record, I believe Linux should have a stable API. For devices such as wireless adaptors, there's should be no barriers to stable APIs. Changing structures and function call parameters (calling conventions even!) is utter nonsense, micro optimization at best.

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