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ReactOS The second issue of the ReactOS status reports was published today by Aleksey Bragin (ReactOS's project coordinator). It's a general overview of the last 6 months of project's progress, with some additional information and future outlook. The document is available in .doc, .rtf, Word 2003 .xml, .txt, .odt, and .pdf.
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by agentj on Thu 27th Jul 2006 18:12 UTC
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I've been following ReactOS dev since the console stage. When it supports all windows drivers, I'm going to switch.

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RE: Drivers
by markjensen on Thu 27th Jul 2006 18:24 in reply to "Drivers"
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:-/ Even Windows has problems with some Windows drivers. Mostly through no fault of Microsoft's. Each vendor writes their own Windows drivers. Some are gems, and work wonderfully; some are turds.

ReactOS is an intersting project to follow, though. I just wonder if their relevance keeps slipping, as Microsoft provides a moving target with new Windows releases and updates.

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RE[2]: Drivers
by Anonymo on Thu 27th Jul 2006 19:38 in reply to "RE: Drivers"
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i believe that reactos is also a moving target, first going atter 95 code, then nt4, now i think it is win2003sp1. Even if it isn't true, a windows clone that is free is good. I think people will then build drivers for it and maybe become as popular as linux based distro. Everything will always have problems, since it is man made, but they are cutting out the crud and making it simpler. I for the most part, use nlite to modify xp and then i switch to the classic theme. What i am seeing with this is a windows that is already cut down and working, with the classic theme and with the potential that other wm can be used because it is free.

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