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Linux After a bit over 20 months, work on ROCK 3 has been completed. ROCK is a Distribution Build Kit. This means it is a tool to create and maintain GNU/Linux distributions. With a few keystrokes and some patience, you can have a generic distribution up in a short time. With some more work, you can adjust its package selection. With the help of freshmeat and the power of autotools you can add new packages in a heartbeat. The ChangeLog is available and the Roadmap for ROCK 4 is already there, too.
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Thats nice, but ...
by acobar on Thu 27th Jul 2006 21:04 UTC
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there is a lot more work than just package building involved in a distro. There are all tests/verifications, stabilizations, default settings picks and maintenance. I really don't think they have the resources needed to accomplish this.

Anyway, it is a good tool to explore the steps (what and when) you should follow to build an entire system.

I wish good luck to them (well, at least they learned a lot about dependencies).

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