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SkyOS The SkyOS team has released a long-awaited update to its operating system. This new update brings full desktop compositing, various toolchain updates (everything is now compiled with GCC 4.1.1), new versions of various applications, 440 fixed bugs, and much more.
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by ferrix on Fri 28th Jul 2006 00:45 UTC
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Their site is down at the moment so I can't check if this new build finally has the one and only feature I've been waiting for: is swap finally enabled?
Because until that's done, it cannot run (officially) on machines with less than 512mb of RAM and this is one thing that truly frustrates me about SkyOS. While I have a couple of old machines 'to play with' I could use for SkyOS, none of them have enough memory...
(Yes, I paid for access to beta and I've been waiting for more than a year now for a build I could actually use)

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RE: swap?
by ormandj on Fri 28th Jul 2006 01:17 in reply to "swap?"
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Go buy a 5 dollar 256 meg stick of ram? Whip out the big notes and buy a 512 meg stick? It's not like you'd want to run anything on any machine with under 512mb anyways. As for swap being enabled, I *briefly* looked at the site earlier when it was up, and I do not remember reading about the swap being enabled. that MAY or MAY not be true, that's just from the brief scan I did.

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RE[2]: swap?
by djohnston on Fri 28th Jul 2006 05:15 in reply to "RE: swap?"
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5 bucks for a 256 mb stick of RAM? Post the link. I'd like to see it.

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RE: swap?
by Darkness on Fri 28th Jul 2006 09:46 in reply to "swap?"
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A freshly booted skyos system takes around 200MB or even less RAM.
The bigger applications like firefox and thunderbird take a lot of ram at this point.

If you are just using the smaller apps, you have enough with 300MB, which is the amount I use for vmware all the time.

And no, unfortunately swap is not enabled yet.

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