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Linux After a bit over 20 months, work on ROCK 3 has been completed. ROCK is a Distribution Build Kit. This means it is a tool to create and maintain GNU/Linux distributions. With a few keystrokes and some patience, you can have a generic distribution up in a short time. With some more work, you can adjust its package selection. With the help of freshmeat and the power of autotools you can add new packages in a heartbeat. The ChangeLog is available and the Roadmap for ROCK 4 is already there, too.
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The good old days
by adapt on Fri 28th Jul 2006 18:14 UTC
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I remember when when OS news was a cool site to discuss different OS related projects and news that were happening around the world. People would discuss them like grown ups and have good comments. Now everyone bitches about how they are unoriginal and wonders why anyone would use them instead of their "better solution".

None of you people here that bitch have any projects. You don't code (nor do I). You just bitch about other projects.

IF NOONE WANTED TO USE THEM THEY WOULDN'T EXIST! How hard is that for you to understand. They aren't for everyone. They fill a requirment or a want for the developer then other people deciede they like/want to use them as well.

Its not Thom or Eugina that make this place crappy (like many would insist). Its all you people that are worthless and wake up in the morning to your OSNews and coffee and just act like cry-baby-bitches.


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RE: The good old days
by irbis on Sat 29th Jul 2006 14:23 in reply to "The good old days"
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Yeah, well, I don't know about the "good old days" but being a quasi smart cynic has always been easy and popular (many seem to think: cynicism = being smart), but saying something actually constructive and useful is much more difficult...

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