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Opera Software Opera Software is making plans to steal market share from Microsoft. Though a launch date for Opera 10 hasn't yet been set, Opera is hoping the updated application will lure users away from Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 by building on Opera 9's use of small Web applications called widgets.
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Grrrr .....
by WorknMan on Sun 30th Jul 2006 00:44 UTC
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The company also will develop more widgets--HTML and JavaScript Web applications that run outside the browser. Opera is aiming for a day when people needn't use a full desktop operating system, instead using a browser and Web applications for most tasks.

Can somebody please dispense of the whole widget idea? I mean, how many goddamn weather applets and stock tickers does a person need? And if the 'web apps' aren't as functional and as fast as my native apps, forget it. Ain't gonna happen. Hasn't somebody already tried this crap before?

And, oh yeah ... why doesn't Opera start by making version 9 stable? I heard the final release has several stability issues.

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RE: Grrrr .....
by Adurbe on Sun 30th Jul 2006 01:36 in reply to "Grrrr ....."
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remember ms crushed netscape because it could 'replace' windows.
think of a BASIC linux distro embedded on a device that runs opera 10

office apps - MS Office live, google speadsheet as widgets
email client - gmail widget
instant message - msn, aim yada yada widgets

most of what, on a modern day PC, is 'NEEDED' can be accomplished online now. The only limiter is bandwidth.

imagine the requriement for this pc? do you even need a hard disk for example?

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RE[2]: Grrrr .....
by Jedd on Sun 30th Jul 2006 02:43 in reply to "RE: Grrrr ....."
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w00t! Right on man! I wholeheartedly agree. Fscking widgets are stupid imho, the whole idea smells like a pile of month old meat rotting in the sun.

/can't stand widgets

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RE[2]: Grrrr .....
by WorknMan on Sun 30th Jul 2006 03:46 in reply to "RE: Grrrr ....."
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most of what, on a modern day PC, is 'NEEDED' can be accomplished online now. The only limiter is bandwidth.

Curious if you could (or if you would want to) do the following online:

1. Watch/burn DVDs
2. Play the latest 3D games
3. Create/edit audio and/or video
4. Manage files using something with a lot more functionality than Windows Explorer
5. Could we get Trillian or Gaim to work on this platform?

And well, there are numerous other things. For example, I have a piece of software that I use to patch (legal) game roms for play on my Nintendo DS Supercard. I could just see myself doing that on an embedded device running Opera 10.

It seems to me that this whole 'widget' thing is just a solution looking for a problem. In a few years, Oragami (sp) type devices will be powerfull enough to run full-blown operating systems with battery life that doesn't suck. Not that the whole widge/web-based platform is a bad idea, as it definitely has its uses. But one of those uses is not to replace desktops, unless your needs are very limited, in which case you could probably get by right now with a PDA/Smartphone.

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RE: Grrrr .....
by jlarocco on Sun 30th Jul 2006 03:31 in reply to "Grrrr ....."
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Yeah, I use Opera as my only browser (as in, I don't even have any other ones installed), and I'm a little disappointed with the stability in 9. I use the weekly builds, so I don't expect the greatest stability, but it seems the 9(.01) release was less stable than some of the weekly builds. They probably should have waited a week or two to get the bugs out.

I don't use widgets at home, but at work I use a clock and calender so I can get rid of the taskbar in Windows.

I agree they're probably not the killer feature, but they make sense in certain situations. I have my browser open 99% of the time anyway, so might as well conserve resources.

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