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Privacy, Security, Encryption "Millions of Windows users run the OS with an administrator account because Microsoft's never made it easy to do anything different. In fact, you have to work a lot harder to run with fewer rights. Microsoft will push Vista as the solution to the ever-increasing number and ingenuity of attacks. But why wait? With our five strategies, you can give Windows XP a taste of Vista's UAC protection."
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1. Download FreeBSD/Linux.

Wow, thanks! You know, I had never considered that. Thanks for the blinding flash of the obvious, Sherlock!

But for those of you for whom the solution of Linux/Mac doesn't work and you absolutely need Windows for one reason or the other, do the following:

1. Don't use Internet Explorer. Use Opera or Firefox instead
2. Have some kind of firewall running (even a $30 hardware router should do the trick if you don't want one running in the background)
3. A free anti-virus program such as AVG. Though you don't have to run this resident, you better be damn careful about scanning everything you download if you don't.
4. Use a little common sense about what you download. If it promises you naked pics of Britney Speaers or more smileys for your IM/email, it's probably bad news.

Do the above and you have just eliminated 99% of security issues in Windows. Of course, there's still a remote chance that somebody could hack into your machine (just like somebody could break into a locked car while you're in a shopping mall), but if you're the average Joe User and not running a high-profile server, you shoudl be fine with this.

'But why NOT run as limited user, you say?' Because I've been doing the above for the last 6 years or so and have never had a problem. Why do more than is actually necessary?

BTW: I've never heard of the process manager program .. will definitely check it out.

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Man the moderation Nazis our completely out of control on this site. It was a freakin joke guys, get over it. Probably just hurts that even though it's a joke, there is some serious truth to Leth's comment.

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